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    Holiday in Croatia

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    Cycling in Northern Dalmatia

    In Croatia you can often hear: "Imamo sve" (we have everything) This suits to Zadar very well. We have tourism, agriculture, fishing, authorities, trading and commerce. The same thing with the nature. This area has two different climates, on the coast we have a Mediterranean climate and behind the Velebit mountains the climate is continental.

    The Zadar area has much to give historically. It has belonged to the Venetians, Romans and Illyrians (just to mention some of them) and there have been many wars in this area. We still remember the last war, so there is not much to tell about it. As memories from the latest battles you will find bunkers and land mines. These make mountainbiking both interesting and exiting!

    We go biking on different islands, in "Ravni Kotari" flatland, on the mountains as well as on the coast. The routes offer different terrain. You will find anything between sharp stones, mud pathes, asphalt roads and challenging single trails. We ride "lagano" [the opposite of lagano would be something like fast smilie ] which means from a café to the next one, as well as more demanding parts where some technical abilities are required.