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    History of Ullmann d.o.o. (ltd.)

    The company Ullmann d.o.o. (ltd.) was founded 1997 and established in 1998 by me - Siegfried Ullmann.
    The reason was very simple. There was a need.
    @ that time there was no Bike Shop and no quality bicycle repair in Northern Dalmatia and we needed both.

    How it started

    Immediately after the war I explored the Croatian coast line to search for trails. It was so exciting, that more and more of my friends from Germany and Finland came to share the experience. 
    The nature was and is still beautiful and there must have been trails but no one could tell me and the other cyclists where they are. 
    So there was nothing left than try and error. And this costs time and money. 
    And yes, it was expensive to get started. 
    It needed time - because there were and are still so many dead end trails. 
    A lot of money - (not only because time is money) because we needed so many bicycle tubes, rims, tires, chains, derailleurs and other spares. You can not imagine how demanding the nature here is. It is not normal wear out we are talking of now. These were just damages caused by natural force. 


    The town Zadar in the middle of the Croatian coast seemed to be the best location for the company as the best spots are all around the town within 2.5 hours car driving.

    Importing and Distribution

    So Ullmann ltd. started to import and distribute quality bike parts all over Croatia, as there was not only a lack of these products on the coast line.


    We started with the German manufacturers Bohle (Schwalbe tires), Votec bikes & forks and German Answer bikes and suspensions.

    As soon as Bernhard Rohloff delivered his famous internal gear hub Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 we started to import and distribute Rohloff products as well.

    In all these years the list of manufacturers was long (Hopetech, Lupine, Wippermann, Marzocchi, Boxit...) - but to make it short. Only Rohloff "survived" from the early days.


    We focus on quality and long lasting products. Both of them are important for our environment as we have an eye on it on every meter we cycle.


    Today we import next to Opens external link in new windowRohloff, Weber-Products (bicycle trailers) and Schmidts (SON dynamo hubs).