Your Bike Station in Croatia.
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    We are your Bike Station in Croatia and your first address when it comes to holiday and cycling. 
    We are located in Zadar, Northern Dalmatia and offer - since 1998 - our helping hand to locals and tourists from all over.

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    You are already in Croatia and looking for quality bike parts - then this is the Online Shop you are looking for! 



    Bike Clinic

    In case you ride with Rohloff Speedhub you might be interested. We are the only Rohloff Service Partner in Croatia. We know it does not happen often - but in case you need a helping hand, please contact us!


    Croatia is a beautiful place to cycle! We want to convince you that you miss something if you do not visit the Croatian countryside, as well as the Dalmatian mountains. The scenery is fantastic - it's a must visit.


    If you are outside Croatia and looking for quality or our team -  then please visit us on The Bike Station is located in Finland!
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